Pressure Sand & Carbon Bed Filter

Pressure Sand & Carbon Bed Filter For the Accurate Filtration Solution

We are manufacturing Pressure Sand & Carbon Bed Filter using the most efficient media filtration technology. Pressure sand filter is used to remove the visible and suspended impurities such as dust particles, sand, heavy metals and others. It is most recommended product for the systems with high sediment, turbidity, sand, and silt. We design and manufacture sand filters by considering a range of suspended impurities. Our unique product design ensures the effective impurities elimination, the maximum surface area utilization and minimum pressure drop across the pressure bed.

Flair Pressure Sand & Carbon Bed Filter is most suitable for several applications in the water treatment industry due to its robust features such as stability, micro-porous and strength. Our sand filters are designed horizontal or vertical type with back wash facility according to the specific requirement of customers. Our filters are manufactured from the best quality of carbon steel plates. Large vessels are provided with access manhole. Filter media in sand filter consists of a bed of fine quartz sand supported by layers of graded well washed selected gravels.

Flair filters are manufactured in various grades of material suitable to the process and based on bespoke needs of customers. Made from high grade material, our filters work efficiently under pressure as water passes through the filter from different filter media grade and block the unwanted impurities at the filter bed. To flush out the collected dirt and to clean the filter bed, it is facilitated with backwash arrangement.

In the carbon filter the filtering bed consists of activated carbon granules of various sizes. Flair multi-bag filters are manufactured to handle large flow rate with low cost of maintenance. We design and manufacture filters to meet the process requirement.

We are specialist in alloys steel fabrication suitable for low as well as high temperature services. Filters are also offered in FRP & PP construction and with FRP, PTFE, RUBBER lining. Filter elements are available in all grades of SS, PP, COTTON, NYLON, CERAMIC, CARBON, QUARTS, MONEL, DUPLEX STEEL, GLASS FIBRE etc.

  • Adequate strength housing
  • With Backwash facility
  • Access manhole provided for refilling changing filter media
  • Offers low pressure drop
  • Longer cleaning cycle
  • Easy to operate and
  • Minimum maintenance & handling cost
  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • Visual or Audible warning system provided to get alerts for clogging
  • Auto change over for Duplex type Filter
Flair Pressure Sand & Carbon Bed Filters are efficiently used in India and overseas countries in several industries as follows.

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Paper Industry
  • Heavy Engineering Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals

If you have any specific problem regarding liquid-solid separation, we have expert professionals with the capabilities to proffer you most efficient solutions for your problem. For your custom inquiry or to order our Pressure Sand & Carbon Bed Filter, write us at